Meg Roussos


Billboard, New Martinsville, West Virginia
Paul Feezel, member of the Seirra Club & Carroll Concerned Citizens group, Carrollton, Ohio
Lease informational meeting, Athens, Ohio
Marty Whiteman's home surrounded by fracking sites. (House in upper right) Wetzel County, West Virginia
Marty Whiteman, landowner of two different farms, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Dammages road, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Fracking protests, Athens, Ohio
Rig workers, Carrollton, Ohio
Horizontal rig, Carrollton, Ohio
Drilling rig, "oil based mud," Carrollton, Ohio
Truck traffic, Carroll County, Ohio
Pipeline construction, Wetzel County, Ohio
Ginger Royalty Dingess, pipeline teamster 5 years, outside her home, Shinnison, West Virginia.
Billy Whiteman drives a toy tractor past a distant fracking well on his family's farm, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Fracking equipment, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Fracking rig, Carrollton, Ohio
Rig employee, Carrollton, Ohio
Saw dust & oil rig, Carrollton, Ohio
Drilling in process, Carrollton, Ohio
Gas development equipment, downtown Carrollton, Ohio
Fresh water holding tank, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Lease signing, Athens, Ohio
Carrollton, Ohio
Elyse McMath, Amesville, Ohio
Farr Commune, Amesvile, Ohio
Elyse and her husband Kevin are worried for the sanctity and longevity of their land if Athens County begins to drill hydraulic fracturing wells, Athens, County
Neider farm rig runs 24 hours a day, Carroll County, Ohio
Athens, Ohio
Carolyn Fisk signed a land lease agreement with several other landowners that would allow natural gas and oil wells to be built on their property, New Marshfield, Ohio
Carolyn Fisk, New Marshfield, Ohio
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