Meg Roussos


Brothers, Brown County, Ohio (2010)
George Zarafonetis has been singing in his Greek Orthodox Church choir for over 80 years. Dallas, Texas for The Dallas Morning News (2012)
A best friend, Belpre, Ohio (2012)
Athens County Farm Bureau President, Athens, Ohio (2012)
Jose Hernandez, 67, sits on the back of a pick up truck at a local gas station while waiting for work. I come here every morning, sometimes I start my walk from Mexico at 4 a.m. Hernandez lives in Mexico, but San Ysidro being the busiest land immigration crossing in the world, he is able to make the trip back and forth between countries everyday. "I used to work on a farm in America, but now I am unemployed, and have to hope for work everyday" he said. San Ysidro, California (2011)
Memory of Timmy, West Virginia for The New York Times (2012)
Chicken butchering day, Athens, Ohio (2012)
L & H Tractor, Caldwell, Ohio for The New York Times (2012)
Biden rally, Youngstown, Ohio for The New York Times (2012)
Ashley Skinner, Athens, Ohio 2012)
David Hartinger sits outs of The Gathering Place, a center where people with mental disabilities can congregate, and smokes a cigarette. Hartinger's fingers are stained from the cigarette buds that he picks up to smoke everyday. Since the age of 12, he was diagnosed with depression, and bipolar disorder, and is trying to cope with everyday struggles, Athens, Ohio (2010)
Levinson sisters, Athens, Ohio (2012)
Rosela Joseph, West Palm Beach, Florida for The Palm Beach Post (2011)
Banjo, Athens, Ohio (2010)
RV Burgin, whose story was told in the HBO miniseries THE PACIFIC, WWII veteran of Cape Gloucester, Peleiu, and Okinawa. Richardson, Texas for The Dallas Morning News (2012)
Super hero, Athens, Ohio (2012)
Pete Halmay flips over the side of his boat into the water for another sea urchin dive to the ocean floor. "Fishing is part of San Diego culture and heritage but unless we get support from the community it will soon disappear," he said. San Diego, California (2011)
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